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For security reasons, you will understand that we cannot divulge login details online or by e-mail. Please follow the instructions below to find out what your login details are.

If you are a student

If your login details have suddenly stopped working, your school’s subscription may have expired or the password may have changed. Talk to your teacher to find out.

If you cannot remember your username or password, you will need to ask your language teacher as only schools are authorised to disclose login details to their students. Please do not contact Linguascope as we will not be able to help.

If you are a teacher

If your login details have suddenly stopped working, please check whether your subscription has expired.

If your school has recently renewed its subscription, you will have been asked to choose a new password. Liaise with the contact person (usually the Head of Languages) at your school to find out what the new password is. If you are the contact person, note that a confirmation will have been faxed as well as posted to you so you might want to check your pigeon hole before contacting us.

If your confirmation has been mislaid or has not been passed on to you, please contact us and we will fax you a copy.

In the event that the contact person has left the school and you have taken over her/his role, simply send us a letter or fax on your school's headed paper requesting a change of contact name. We will then be able to fax you a password reminder.