What is C'est chouette?

C'est chouette is an exciting new DVD for French teaching, made up of 18 short episodes which add up to more than 60 minutes of engaging film to use in class. The story follows four typical fourteen-year-olds from a Parisian secondary school and explores their daily routine, hobbies and customs.

C'est chouette!

The themes covered range from their relationship with their parents, shopping, to more serious ones such as pollution and their hopes for the future. The episodes are set in a variety of locations (classroom, canteen, library, restaurant, train station, home and excursions around Paris), which intensifies the impact of the cultural experience.

A Great Teaching Tool

With its contemporary feel and modern-day outlook, C’est chouette constitutes an excellent tool for engaging students in comprehension and oral work whilst stimulating analysis and discussion.

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