What teachers say:

"I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for your tremendous work. We’ve been subscribing for years and wouldn’t teach without the support of your website again!"

Peggy Tutrice, Joseph Leckie Academy

"The clarity of the instructions together with attractive and colourful graphics will ensure that the site is a hit with our students. Already, some of my year 9 students have looked at the site and returned at lunchtime to have another go. I particularly like the idea that, because the content of the activities follows the syllabus closely, it is easy to ask students to access the site outside class time. As a small school, we only have a limited amount of class time with our language students and it is great to be able to tell them to revise school work at night or at lunchtime via Linguascope. The worksheets too are well presented and simple in content, thus instilling confidence in our students’ ability to understand and participate in oral activities in the classroom. They are also a good way of helping each student work at his/her own pace. Hooking on to the website was very fast. I rang on Wednesday and the passwords were issued the following day. By week’s end I was able to assess the material and include it in my class planning for the following week. Thank you for introducing our school to this wonderful resource."

Jacqueline Guile, East Otago High School

"Linguascope has proved to be an invaluable tool for me as a secondary school teacher of French and Spanish. We have subscribed now for three or four years and the students love it. As a teacher I can use it on my Smartboard to introduce all new language to my students. It also allows me to allow my students to follow individual programmes of learning and revision. They can work at school and at home improving their vocabulary according to their interests. In fact we think it is so successful that this year our ESOL teachers have shared the subscription with us. Teachers can download ready-made worksheets and there is a page where we professionals can share resources."

Karen Hollis, Gisborne Girls High School

"As a teacher in a small school, with multi-level languages classes and variable numbers of students taking languages, I have found Linguascope extremely useful. It provides constantly updated material arranged in useful topics across both the languages I teach (French and Spanish). Pupils love the variety of the various Linguascope sites and have great fun while learning. From my own point of view I find the shared teacher resources and the downloadable worksheets very useful. I am really looking forward to using the media page this year, which I think will be great for stimulating the seniors to discuss current events in France and Spain."

Paula Henderson, Rodney College

"We are pleased with the improvements to Linguascope since we last subscribed which was a couple of years ago. We find it particularly good because students can work at their own level and pace on the programme. It's a great tool for differentiation with some students consolidating what they know and others launching off into new areas and extending their grasp of the language."

Janet Welch, Westlake Girls High School

"We have found Linguascope to be a great learning tool and a support for our Year 9 taster courses in French and German. The activities are interesting and fun, and reinforce vocabulary in many every-day situations typically covered in the classroom. It helps to make language learning more accessible for a wide range of learning styles. The students love the computer-based games and activities! Many of the downloadable resources are also a great help for busy teachers who want a worksheet or PowerPoint quickly and don't have a lot of time to make up their own."

Claire Garton, Christian Renewal School

"We subscribe to Linguascope and find it brilliant. I've got an interactive whiteboard so I use it all the time for review, introducing new vocabulary in year 9 as it has sound and the students love the games. We use these sometimes for team games as review and team building and light relief with the whiteboard, but they're also great for students to work on independently at home - e.g. for homework and review. So it is a great investment and I would recommend it highly for French and German."

Jeni Lemberg, Nelson College for Girls

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Linguascope – you should be really proud of such a well designed and exciting web resource. I can’t wait to use it with my students – there hasn’t been much that has inspired me in the classroom for a while now."

Sarah Craddock, The Parkside Federation, Cambridge

"I have just subscribed to the Linguascope website and have been very impressed with the range of activities offered. Your Spanish section has helped me to plan a scheme of work for September, and my pupils are already highly positive and enthusiastic about the site."

Alistair Sage, Hugh Sexey Middle School, Wedmore

"I have been using the Linguascope.com website for two and a half years now. I have found this website absolutely invaluable, I would describe it as the cornerstone of my French teaching."

Ann Smith, Head of Languages, Kingscourt Prep School, Catherington, Hampshire

"I teach French and Spanish to young children at home and spend a lot of time and effort researching for and creating suitable material. I have found many sites on the Internet, relevant to different degrees. However, the Linguascope site has been the most useful by far. Your activities and ideas complement my own really well, as well as saving a lot of time. I particularly like the worksheets which are easy for my young students to follow and complete, and fun! They also follow various recurrent formats which they find reassuring. A real find and a God send! Well done!"

Cristina Boira-Talena

"I have no hesitation at all in supporting the wonderful work which you do on your site and from which we all benefit. I have happily paid for the subscription service, and I have found that the resources which you make available are extremely well thought-out, well presented, pedagogically effective, and attractive to teachers and students alike (as well as being good value for money!). All 4 skills and all teaching stages are catered for, which makes your resource stand out from other online resources. In addition I like the way that you provide a service which allows others to share their resources. The fact that resources are channelled through you ensures an effective 'quality control' which means that it is always worth looking at your site for retrieving resources. I personally have made much use of the 'teacher' area where you recommend products which we can use to create our own resources. Many thanks for all your work."

Helen Myers, The Ashcombe School

"I wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work. I adore all of the resources and use them all incessantly. I teach years 3 -13, so they're all very useful! They have revolutionised my teaching and make planning lessons so much easier. The kids love them (they're usually greeted by cheers and applause) and respond so well to them."

Natalie Bourke, Robert Pattinson School

"I have been using mostly the French and Spanish sites over the past year, and I consider the registration fee an excellent investment. They combine a sense of humour with good teaching practice, and are professionally produced. I would like to say a big thank you."

Helen Greenwood

"As a secondary school teaching languages, we have recently attained Language College status and our Language suites use a variety of software. We are delighted to testify for the Linguascope site. We find the site extremely useful, especially at KS3 and KS4 levels and use it on a regular basis. Each exercise is well prepared and relevant to all levels of the curriculum. Students enjoy the variety provided by the many exercises which help reinforce learning in a fun and informative way."

Lesley Billingto, Wargrave Piggott School, Reading

"I've been using your website regularly now for the past year & have recently persuaded my Head of Department to take out a faculty subscription. The resources available on Linguascope.com are excellent & save me many hours preparation time. The students also love the resources available to them & some even access the site from home in their own time. Many thanks for your hard work in keeping up this site."

Rachel Prime, King Edward VII School, Melton Mowbray

"Thank you again for the excellent resources you provide. Your worksheets are a wonderful resource for many age groups and I was particularly thrilled to find something to use with my 'AS' group. I have persuaded my whole department to join up. Well done and keep up the good work - please!"

Jen Sutton

"Pupils are completely focussed and engaged when learning on Linguascope. As the content is exciting and relevant to all of my year groups, this means they are motivated and are learning very quickly. As I have a plenty of games, quizzes, and printable resources all in one place, I am easily cutting my planning time in half. Thanks Linguascope!"

Pilar Flores, Brimsdown Primary School

"A quick message of thanks! I discovered your site, Linguascope.com, a year or so ago, and have regularly accessed it ever since. It is one of my favourite sites, both because of its vibrant and user-friendly layout and because of its usefulness in teaching French to GCSE students. Subsequently, I subscribed to be able to access the downloadable resources - the worksheets are very easy on the eye and go down a treat with my students!"

Emma Watson, Kings International Study Centre, Ely

"I just want to express my thanks for such an awesome subscription - I have been using Linguascope since I was a high school languages teacher in England over 10 years ago. Since moving to Australia and teaching French in primary schools, I have always made sure I have a Linguascope subscription. I love the way it has grown over the years so that it is still relevant to the current 21st century learners. My students particularly love using the Linguascope apps on their iPads and I love that they cover all four language skills. This is the only resource I use that has taken me through my whole teaching career - so a huge thank you."

Sophie Croan, Loquat Valley School

What students say:

"Linguascope is a great website for practising languages. It has helped me a lot. I would recommend it to anyone. It is great fun and you don't really realise you're learning or doing work."

Claire A., Putteridge High School (Year 7)

"Since my teacher has told me about Linguascope, it’s like I’m addicted."


"Just 2 say dat linguascope iz gr8 _coz i use it 2 impres my french teecher. Itz got gr8 games 2 + sumtims we use the languages IT room + go on linguascope. Donteva shut it dwn!!!"